Introducing a new generation of industrial grade, modular shelter systems.

Today’s safety culture commands simpler, more effective processes to minimize accidents and injuries to personnel. We have proven through Canadian innovation and design that this higher standard can be achieved.

At CTS, our philosophy from the beginning was to have a robust and functional repetitive system for building shelters from ISO shipping containers. There are currently over 17 million shipping containers in the world, and only 5-6 million are being actively used for shipping. CTS is a practical, innovative approach to repurpose “retired” containers.

Our mandate clearly stated that we create a standard, simple assembly procedure consisting of lightweight and manageable components with quick-connect fittings.

The end product is practical, logical, and refined. Our system requires almost no tools or speciality equipment to assemble and will assemble in hours rather than days, like most other remote shelter systems.  


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a solution that combines practicality, efficiency, and effectiveness. Our systematic process embodies logic, simplicity, and safety. Our interchangeable components and repetitive process ensures nobody is wondering where the next piece fits.